Is a Simple Divorce Right For You?

  • You and your spouse agree to be divorced;
  • You and your spouse will voluntarily sign all papers without service on any party;
  • You and your spouse will voluntarily produce all required documentation and sign all consent agreements without formal discovery or a trial;
  • You and your spouse, if you have children, understand that your family relationship will last long after the divorce is final;
  • You are a practical person and committed to getting a peaceful divorce without going to trial;
  • You and your spouse can come to an agreement on child support and child custody;
  • You realize that a Court of law is not to the place to air emotional grievances, a qualified counselor of therapist’s office is;
  • You and your spouse can assemble the necessary documents to facilitate the divorce without lengthy discovery and depositions;
  • You and your spouse want to maintain control of your divorce and make the decisions that will affect your life long after the divorce papers are signed.
We DO NOT accept the following cases:

  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Child Abuse Cases
  • Litigation