Are You Sure?

Divorce is not always the answer.

Divorce is a serious, life changing decision. Even under the best of circumstances, a divorce means stress, change and financial setbacks for both parties and especially the children.

Make Every Effort

We know first hand how hard divorce can be and encourage our clients to make every effort to put their marriages back on track before filing for divorce. Therapy, pastoral counseling through your church, websites and marriage help books are all good places to start.

Be Prepared

However, getting a divorce is different from getting information. Knowledge is a good thing. A thorough consultation with a Family Law attorney can help you weigh your options and protect yourself in the event that you and your spouse decide to end the marriage. See our How to Prepare for Divorce link.

If you and your spouse do choose to divorce, take the long view and adopt a “children first” policy throughout the process. Hire attorneys who will help you make strategic and intelligent decisions, not just aggressive ones. How you proceed with the divorce and parent with your spouse after the divorce will make the difference in how your children cope and their long term happiness.

Recommended Websites:
Marriage Builders
Divorce Care 

Recommended reading:
The Truth About Children and Divorce by Robert E. Emery, Ph.D.
The Good Divorce by Constance Ahrons

Local Resources:
Parenting Center of St. Tammany Parish
Co-Parenting Class
1505 N. Florida St, Ste. B Covington, LA 70433
(985) 898-4435

Clarke McBee, Licensed Professional Counselor
Body-Centered Psychotherapy for Women
(985) 705-1398

Hosanna Lutheran Church
Mandeville, Louisiana
Divorce Care Meetings
(985) 727.9200

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Parenting Class
Shielding Children from Conflict.
(985) 345-7500

If you answered yes, you probably need a divorce.