How Our Firm Works

Marie and Kim
Uncontested, flat fee divorce is the only kind of law we practice. We’ve learned from experience that most divorce cases don’t go to trial and that sometimes a trusted advisor is better than a hired gun.

The law in Divorce and Child Support and Custody in Louisiana is fairly clear cut and the facts in most cases have few real issues to dispute. Sadly, for most parties involved in a litigated divorce, emotions run high. Too often Divorce Court becomes the battlefield where hurt and resentment play out and settlement occurs only after harsh words and public mud-slinging have eroded the trust and relationship between the parties, making their continuing relationship as co- parents very difficult.

Simply Divorce is committed to resolving divorce issues without litigation. Our service is simple, practical and economical. For a flat, up front fee we will file the paperwork to get you a divorce. You provide us with the documents we request and we will figure out your child support based on the state mandated formula. We will draw up into a legal format the Child Custody and Visitation plan that you and your spouse agree to and file it with the court.

We will explain the law to you. We will advise you. We will answer your questions, attend the court mandated hearing officer with you and help you formulate agreements. However, if you and your spouse cannot agree and wish to go to trial, you must hire an litigation attorney to handle that portion of the case. You may take your file and any information we have gathered with you.


We’re betting you’ve done your homework and know by now that most local law firms require a retainer of at least $3000 just to get started on your divorce.  That retainer does not cover your filing fees or court costs, only the attorney’s fees.  The going rate locally for attorney services is upwards of $200.00 per hour and attorneys bill for their time in 15 minute increments. This means you will not know the final cost of your divorce until the end of your case.

We are removing the uncertainty from the billing process. “

We know that our services aren’t cheap, but they are a value. You pay only for the legal services you need and get competent legal advice and access to your attorney without the concern that your bill is rising literally by the minute.  You know upfront exactly how much your divorce will cost and remove the stress and uncertainty from the process.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.